Did You Ask Your Doctor?

A common situation when you become involved with relationship marketing is for a candidate who is evaluating the business to ask you, "So, how much money are you making? How many people do you have in your downline?"

These questions are fair in that you have probably shown them the escalating income possibilities and they have gone home, mulled it over, and wondered if it were entirely possible to do what the classic 45-Second Presentation states is possible... to multiply your new builders each month until at the end of the year you have some stupendous number of active and replicating builders.

Of course, it is possible! It's the goal! And people DO accomplish marvels within the first year of business in networking. Last night I heard a woman present who had 19 solid builders on her team-- within three months! This is also my goal.

But when you are a brand-new builder-- probably still in training-- it is disconcerting to have someone ask you those questions.

Would you ask your Doctor, "So, how is business? How many patients have been referred to you in the past month? When do you expect to have your student loan paid off?" Not likely. You would probably assume that if everything goes according to the norm, your doctor will have a thriving practice (what doctors and lawyers are allowed to call their businesses intimating that they are still working to get it right)in five or ten years down the road.

My sister-in-law's younger sister bought a Tim Horton's franchise. She paid just under a half-million dollars and in all competence, she and her partner worked for a good three years-- worked like dogs-- before they began to see a profit that they could invest in other businesses. Had they expected to see that kind of turn around at the end of twelve months in the biz? Of course not. They knew that growing a business is a little like raising a child: the hard work, care and nurturing you put in to the task will be reflected in major accomplishments down the road, not usually in the first year.

So, why do people believe that it is okay to pester and belittle a person just starting out in a network marketing business?

Some people do not understand the nature of legitimate network marketing and see all such businesses as ponsey or pyramid schemes-- the kind you will find by the masses on 'traffic' sites. They might be amazed to know that Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft use network marketing as part of their business strategies. It's tough if you happen to be working for one of the many ethical and integrity-driven relationship marketers-- you WILL be tarred with the same old brush as the scamsters.

Do your due diligence. Ask for a free, no pressure evaluation of the business before getting involved. Do research on the products and the supplier's history. Turn your back on any 'scheme' that requires up-front money before you have had an opportunity to thoroughly check it out.

If you are attracted to try the stock market as a source of revenue you might want to read The Stockmarket Course by George Fontanills and Tom Gentile and/or The Tao of Warren Buffet:Warren Buffett's Words of Wisdom: Quotations and Interpretations to Help Guide You to Billionaire Wealth and Enlightened Business Management and/or take a securities course from a reputable educator. You would be advised by most serious investors not to jump in half-cocked if you plan to have a steady and successful career as an investor.

As a network marketer you will also want to do some research and some reading-- a good place to start is with the uplifting positive works such A Year of Growing Rich: 52 Steps to Achieving Life's Rewards by Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone, Tony Robbins' Unlimited Power : The New Science Of Personal Achievement. Read Rich Dad, Poor Dad to see Robert Kiyosaki's take on growing wealth. All of these books will tend to get you out of the negative thinking that prevents you from challenging tired old beliefs (and the well-meaning but tired old advice from friends and family).

If you want to see an instructive treatment of the benefits and science of network marketing, please consider doing the free, no obligation evaluation of the business I am in by going to www.positivelyvibrant.me

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Open Minded?

Sometimes when I hear the phrase "open minded" I'm reminded of the warning to 'open your mind to take in new information, but don't open it so wide that your brains fall out'. I also think about how 'open minded' has come to mean, in colloquial terms, not being a 'prude' or maybe a suggestion that you can let your moral standards slide a bit so as to accept something that the ubiquitous "everybody" else is accepting (supposedly).

When I think in terms of 'open mindedness' regarding 'social or relationship' marketing, I'm thinking of allowing yourself to hear about another side of an industry that is not only written off by many because, frankly, there are a number of less than ethical examples, but the fact is that other industries can bomb or create scandal (i.e., how about the internet in general)and still achieve wide-spread credibility and even admiration for those who get in on 'the ground floor'.

When I say 'be open minded' I am asking that you do an objective evaluation of each business you are attracted to, and really listen to the potential benefits before judging every network marketing business on what your (uninformed)friends have told you about it. Listen to what Robert Kiyosaki has to say (best selling author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad"):

Come over and take a look at my business-- www.positivelyvibrant.me

Closet Entrepreneur?

Which of the following scenarios fits for you?
  • 1. You have a j-o-b that pays the r-e-n-t. People tell you that you have a "great attitude" and that someday you will 'make it' (be a success?). In the meantime, you wonder if that will ever happen-- will you ever be able to do all those things you dream about? Take trips? Have kids? Buy a fantastic house somewhere safe and healthy? You have begun clicking on all the wonderful sounding 'opportunities' in Internet- land...
  • 2. You are like me-- an early retiree. You suspect that you would be happier topping up your pathetic little pension vs. taking up Scottish Country dancing... You would like to pay for your granddaughter's ballet or Harvard Biz education-- but if you did that you would have to give up something that you do just for you. The wealth of click- and- get- filthy- rich is alluring to say the least!
  • 3. You have owned a business in the past. Or did the business own you? In any case, you have some very good experience in what and what not to do when you do it again... yes, you are definitely intent on being your own boss again. You are very wary of what you click on-- you know that if it promises a six-figure income in the first year that you would need to go in with a five-figure advertising budget. If it states that there is "no product to sell" you know that it is a true ponsey or pyramid scheme. You are looking for a 'true home business' with a great product supplier. You have ethics and little patience for hype and fakery.

  • If you ALSO have 11 of the following 12 traits, I want you on my team:

  • Open-minded
  • Coachable
  • Friendly
  • Beneficent (a blessing to others)
  • Optimistic
  • Kind
  • Wise
  • Funny
  • Learning Everday
  • Respectful
  • Successful
  • Perseverent

    **Please note: No high fallutin' degrees or designations required. Normal intelligence is required.

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