Open Minded?

Sometimes when I hear the phrase "open minded" I'm reminded of the warning to 'open your mind to take in new information, but don't open it so wide that your brains fall out'. I also think about how 'open minded' has come to mean, in colloquial terms, not being a 'prude' or maybe a suggestion that you can let your moral standards slide a bit so as to accept something that the ubiquitous "everybody" else is accepting (supposedly).

When I think in terms of 'open mindedness' regarding 'social or relationship' marketing, I'm thinking of allowing yourself to hear about another side of an industry that is not only written off by many because, frankly, there are a number of less than ethical examples, but the fact is that other industries can bomb or create scandal (i.e., how about the internet in general)and still achieve wide-spread credibility and even admiration for those who get in on 'the ground floor'.

When I say 'be open minded' I am asking that you do an objective evaluation of each business you are attracted to, and really listen to the potential benefits before judging every network marketing business on what your (uninformed)friends have told you about it. Listen to what Robert Kiyosaki has to say (best selling author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad"):

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