Baby Steps to Creating your Financial Identity

Your financial identity is made up of many elements including your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions regarding money and yourself. It also includes your financial behaviors, goals, and expectations.

Given this, the best way to approach building a new identity is to choose one item to focus on with intensity and observe the changes you go through. Altering one element of your identity will automatically alter others.**

For example, if you tend to criticize yourself a lot and you alter that behavior, your self-image is going to improve and your relationships will also change. Because you feel better about yourself, you are bound to upgrade how you take care of yourself and your finances.

This can lead to improved health and vitality, which would alter what you attract. Better cash flow is bound to follow. And it all resulted from focusing on how you talk to yourself.

In the last Quick Tip, I suggested that you write down where you are now and where you would like to be in two years. Take one item on that list and work towards reaching your goal.

I realized a while back that I tend to make impulsive financial decisions. Because I'm a risk taker, my habit was to act first and worry about the consequences later. I realized that this behavior wasn't serving me and wanted to change it.

I started being much more deliberate when making decisions about things like what to buy and who to engage to help me with projects. Instead of accepting what came along easily, I started taking the time to do research and ask many more questions. The results were rewarding on many levels, and in the long run, I definitely saved money and felt better about my decisions.

Which of your behaviors are not serving you well? Don't criticize yourself for that behavior, just make a decision to change it. Try different approaches rather than settling on just one alternative. And keep in mind that you'll have to repeat the new behavior over a period of time in order for it to take hold.

**An example for altering chronic negative thoughts and statements would be to wear an elastic band around your wrist and snap it when you find yourself thinking or saying something negative (eg., unkind, unjust, judgmental, untrue, hurtful, malicious, cynical, pessimistic, etc.) Check out these classy adult wrist bands that can be printed up with helpful reminders or slogans on your computer.
Good News: Build Your Money Muscles will be published in Spanish by a major publisher and will be available in about a year in Mexico, Latin America, and the United States. The book is already published in Saudi Arabia and Italy, and this month, Russian and Brazil obtained foreign language rights.
***The above is from Joan Sotkin's newsletter at Prosperity Place <--Click to learn more.
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