Becoming the Blessing....

When I was younger I struggled with what I saw as my parents not appreciating me-- maybe not even loving me. I know that this is a pretty common response to hurts inflicted (purposely or not) by those people who brought us into the world.

As I aged and got roughed up more and filed down some by life, I recognized that my parents had done the best they could with what they knew about parenting and child psychology. They had all of their own baggage and issues from their own bringing-up. I had many 'advantages' that they had not had. It became my responsibility to take charge of my own healing and to make amends to those I had personally offended and hurt with my reflexive words and behaviours.

Healing is, of course, a work in progress, but the fact is that I now know a kind of peace in my life that provides a clarity and calm that I didn't realize existed during the chaos of the past.

One of the things I see most clearly is that I have the choice about WHO I will work with in my business. I am able to let go of my social work tendancies (well, I was a social worker, after all) to want to drag poor souls kicking and twitching along my perceived route to wholeness and prosperity. I continue to feel compassion, but I believe that I understand that not everyone is at the place in their journey to appreciate my intent. To participate as a peer. To give back.

BENEFICENCE. Have you heard that word before? Actually said it outloud? It is a lovely word, isn't it, sounding like a cross between magnificence and benediction... and indeed, it IS a meld of those two concepts.

And I am looking for someone to partner with in my business who is at a place in their life where blessing others-- however that might take place-- comes at least as easily as opening email or punching in at the ATM.

These are features that I would see as indicating a high probability of beneficence:
  • caring enough to care that others really love your presence, even when you are feeling a little world-weary and cocoonish-- you go to the event anyhow
  • moving beyond the lock-step trend of "setting boundaries" to occasionally embrace the eccentricities and unlovelinesses of our planet-mates-- to be inconvenienced, maybe even have our toes knowingly trod upon-- to recognize that we have done the same at times ourselves
  • vision of greater beauty (what you consider beauty)and a willingness to make small daily concessions to provide some sort of oasis of beauty for self and others caught up in the not-so-beautiful stresses of life
  • grace, laughter, tears-- all the responsive emotions that allow others to feel valued and loved
  • generosity of spirit and a willingness to make some sacrifices to self-comfort to mentor someone who really desires to emulate these beneficent qualities, but who doesn't quite get it... or not yet

  • This might be you. Or potentially. I want to work with you... please go to my website at and sign up for the (very thorough) free evaluation after you watch the flash video and take a look around. I'll be waiting here.

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    This is also what I believe about blessing!

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