Dress: Optional

Just as there are any number of different 'costumes' being worn to the office, there are probably as many different forms of dress being sported in the home office.

Yes, you might enjoy working in your pyjamas, but most of us spend at least part of our time in the public eye: taking part in our children's school activities, mailing letters, buying groceries, answering the door to the FedEx deliverer. While you are likely okay answering the door in your PJs, you might choose to dress up a little more formally for other aspects of life.

There are folks who work home businesses and look like they are ready to go do a hotel presentation, even in their own home. They iron their shirts, shine their shoes, and probably shave their legs regularly. They shower before they start their day. These are they you could burst in on and they would greet you with grace and aplomb in an orderly home, the kind you sometimes daydream about for yourself.

But most of us are probably closer to working fulltime in our PJs. Comfort is a basic feature of being your own boss.

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**photo called "Relaxing" is courtesy of Craig Hauger at StockXpert.com

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