Willingness To Do Whatever It Takes....

It seems to me that some of the most effective entre- preneurs are those who have had a few episodes of laziness and mis- direction followed by a slam- to- the- concrete recognition of what they could have achieved had they taken a risk or found someone to give them guidance in a previous business foray.

I am that person. I didn't have a clue about network marketing and bought into all of the really negative information out there. Yes, there are a lot of scams in the MLM community, but there are also a number of honest, ethical, and excellently-run companies. I had opportunities to learn about what to do, and the ability to practice, but instead I chose to let my businesses hit the skids.

After a lot of intervening research and excellent tutelage, I am ready and willing to do whatever it takes to succeed in the same arena (different company). I have a blueprint for just what that means (i.e., 'willingness to do what it takes'):
~I need to be attentive to the lessons of the successful elders in the company
~I need to do as they do-- follow in their established footsteps-- even at times when I think that I know better
~I need to learn first-hand about the products
~I need to advertise
~I need to seek and give emotional support from the outset and onwards
~I need to take joy in learning
~I need to be a blessing to those who come to me with questions
~I need to enjoy all who are brought within my sphere of influence, and practice a positive, grateful life

That's "whatever it takes"...

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