Money Can't Buy--

Money Can't Buy... it's raining and I'm feeling a little cynical... here are some funny quotes that should spark me up...

Money can't buy love, but it improves your bargaining position. ~Christopher Marlowe

Money can't buy happiness, but it can make you awfully comfortable while you're being miserable. ~Clare Boothe Luce

Microsoft should know Money can’t buy love, but raise the anti and friends will jump on board.~Saul Hansell

Money can't buy love, but it definitely can buy plastic surgery ~anonymous on web forum

Money can't buy you love, but that's OK, because money's better anyway ~Nadine Coyle

Money can't buy happiness, but it can rent it for a long, long time. ~Garfield, the Cat

Money can't buy friends, but you can get a better class of enemy ~Spike Milligan

Money will buy a pretty good dog, but not the wag of his tail. ~Josh Billings

There are many things that money can't buy, but it's very funny -
Have you ever tried to buy them without money? ~Ogden Nash

I was not a classic mother. But my kids were never palmed off to boarding school. So, I didn't bake cookies. You can buy cookies, but you can't buy love. ~Raquel Welch

It's good to have money and the things that money can buy, but it's good, too, to check up once in a while and make sure that you haven't lost the things that money can't buy. ~George Horace Lorimer

There's only two things that money can't buy, and that's true love and homegrown tomatoes. ~Guy Clark

"My Lady"...had yet to learn that money cannot buy refinement of nature, that rank does not always confer nobility, and that true breeding makes itself felt in spite of drawbacks. ~Louisa May Alcott

Many a man thinks he is buying pleasure, when he is really selling himself a slave to it.~Benjamin Franklin

You aren't wealthy until you have something money can't buy. ~Garth Brooks

Healing Music Comfort Break to Offset Fear

As mentioned in the blog on building confidence, fear often impels great growth if it is harnessed... I am speaking of fears like the fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of what others might think of you, etc.

To Feel the Fear . . . and Do It Anyway (r)
will likely require some 'comfort breaks' as Dan Sullivan calls the necessary rest stops to offset the stress of the fear that you are using to grow.

Remember, the comfort breaks are just brief interludes and not meant to break the wonderful momentum you are establishing as you grow beyond your fears and bugaboos.

Here is a lovely exercise that you might want to use to take a little interior holiday from stress... from The Mozart Effect: Tapping the Power of Music to Heal the Body, Strengthen the Mind, and Unlock the Creative Spirit by Don Campbell. Read the following first and then do the exercise.

1. Give yourself a relaxed afternoon or evening to explore some music. A suggestion from online is this youtube selection of Faure's Pavane or any preferred classical string pieces (online or off) of about 6 to 10 minutes in length. (For the first exercise, swivel around facing away from the video portion of the Pavane, not to be tempted to have it translate the music for you).

2. Dim the lights. Have a notepad and pen close at hand. Stretch out comfortably on a couch or just close your eyes and slouch back comfy in your computer chair (if that's possible).

3. Close your eyes. Don't give your mind any directions-- just listen to the music.

4. After the piece is complete, take your notepad up and record how you felt when the piece began (no right or wrong answers here, by the way). How did your body feel as the music progressed? Did any images enter your mind? Did you feel any emotions? Did particular events in your life flash into your head? Did you 'space out'?

5. Now, turn the lights back up, sit more upright in a comfortable chair, and gaze at a spot on the wall in front of you while you play the piece again. Keep your eyes glued to the spot on the wall throughout.

6. When the music ends, write down your experiences this time. How was it different from the first go-round? What was most interesting for you in sitting with your eyes wide open? What feelings can you identify?

7. Now play the music for a third time. If you chose an orchestral piece (such as the Pavane), stand. If you chose a piano piece, sit on the edge of a straight chair. As the music begins, see yourself as either the soloist or the conductor of the piece. Conduct (orchestral, standing) or play (piano, solo, sitting) with feeling, skill, and whatever interpretation you want to bring to it (but don't ham it up). You may close your eyes or keep them open. Move your body and arms intuitively.

8. Write down your impressions when the music ends. Did you learn anything new about the music this time? Did you learn anything you didn't know about the instrument you were "playing"?

9. Close your eyes and become aware of your body for a few minutes. Are there differences from now and from when you started the exercise? Any changes in breathing, heartbeat, temperature? How about your mood? Brighter? Sadder? Are you more relaxed?

Notice how light, posture and other variables subtly affect your listening as well.

Now that you have had your Comfort Break, take another small action to step outside of your comfort zone!

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Growth=Purpose vs Money

The thing is-- the bottom line here-- money is not an acceptable goal.


Money can be useful (very) as a resource to realize greater possibilities but money without purpose is like a frog without a tux-- absolutely without meaning.

In fact, money can be a real growth-stopper (see all the preceding blogs about how stoppers get in the way of your goals).

Having purpose (read: meaning, passion, direction) in your life will give you a constant impetus to strive, and the process of striving, of course, leads to all its own little rewarding byproducts of the original goal.

When you have purpose in your life you will attract the talents and energies of others whose purposes align with yours.

There are many, many resources and rewards that make up a rich life (not just money).

Set yourself some "primary directives"-- not exactly a mission statement, but some values that you definitely want in your purpose-driven life. Post those value statements. Live by them. Some examples might be:

A couple who works together with aligned purposes: "Everything we do has to support our increasing teamwork and intimacy."

When you choose money over purpose as a goal, you will end up in a situation where you might have money (temporarily) but no purpose. The money will be meaningless. Ask any of the rich and famous about how much happiness their money brings them-- really.

The same goes for all of the ponzi schemes out there (on the internet too) that offer you the moon, and tomorrow. Think carefully about what your purpose is... it might be something no more complex than "offering a friendly, kind, encouraging and safe presence to children I come across in my life." Some of your values are embedded in your purpose statement. Live this. Look for ways to live it BIG.

I have a business that offers great opportunities to explore and enhance your own values and purpose while working with an ethical (and fun-loving) community and a 'green' supplier. During the course of building a good-life-sustaining business the possibilities for finding and expanding your life purpose are unlimited! Interested? Go to and watch the flash movie and send in the submission form so I can connect with you for the free, no stress evaluation.

**You want to read a sage little book that expands on the idea of growth with Purpose? Dan Sullivan has coached the likes of Jack Canfield (the successful "Chicken Soup" entrepreneur-author) and has a succinct brilliance that will give you an entirely new perspective on personal and business growth:

Positively Confident!

Definition of Confidence: the ability to overcome fear and continue moving forward.

To grow we need to stretch beyond our comfort levels.

We work our 'confidence' muscles like we work our other muscles:
we stretch, we do a substantial work-out and "push our limits", and then we take a rest (doing something that gives us a break from the strain). Without the rest we
are apt to burn out, sustain an injury, or at the least, experience diminished returns... put out more effort for less gain. So, while the work-out is
essential, so is the break.

But keep the comfort breaks short enough so that you don't lose your

A real growth-stopper is this 'comfort'. When we become too comfortable we
lose that 'edge' that is confidence... and then we don't grow.

If you are confident, you have the ability to transform FEAR into ACTION.
Fear is the biggest challenge to leaving your Comfort Zone: fear of what
others think, fear of failure, fear of losing something or someone, etc. Confidence is the lever that shifts fear into focused thinking and action.

Fear can be translated to mean that the challenge is worthy of the undertaking.

How do you know that you are in a Comfort Trap?
1/ You can actually feel yourself slowing down, moving like you walking, lead-footed, in treacle. Sighing lots. Falling asleep at inappropriate times-- sometimes in your work cubicle.
2/ Life begins to feel too cautious, too easy, and not exciting-- your sense of meaning is dulled
3/ You feel bored
4/ You ask yourself, "So, is this it? Is this all?"
5/ You find lots of justifications for continuing in the mode of 1-4 above.

How do you overcome the lull in your motivation to grow?

Use goals, Big or Small, to kickstart your movement back into confidence-building and ultimately, growth. Big goals can be especially inspiring, but might need to be broken down into smaller chunks (Instead of, "I will run a Marathon this September" how about "I will run a 10K race this August".) Small goals are useful in that they are probably more do-able and will provide a valuable boost in confidence.

It's not actually the achievement of the goals, but the striving that leads to growth. Some of the most amazing (and unexpected) results actually happen along the way to your goal attainment. These by-products of achieving your goal are just as valuable if they promote your growth and build your confidence. (And, don't forget about taking the break/rest to rejuvenate!)

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**You want to read a sage little book that expands on the idea of growth through co-confidence-building? Dan Sullivan has coached the likes of Jack Canfield (the successful "Chicken Soup" entrepreneur-author) and has a succinct brilliance that will give you an entirely new perspective on personal and business growth:

Co-operating to Grow

Some people are born into status: royalty, the children of celebrities, members of the "upper classes" (or so defined).

Some of us are obsessed with either attaining or preserving our status.

And, when that happens, there is little room for the joy of true co-operation-- working with others to achieve a common goal.

Those who are hung up on status ("status seekers", "yuppies", whatever today's label might be) are generally recognizable by these characteristics:
  • they do not wish to appear to be wrong-- ever
  • they grab the credit for every job they are part of
  • their noses are well-placed in the stratosphere

  • As long as this describes you, you will be cut off from a wide-ranging source of achievement and growth that is accessible through co-operating with others.

    Ever hear of synergy? This sort of 'team energy' and amazing creativity is not available to the person who separates him/herself from the team.

    The really amazing thing is that effective solutions that grow out of co-operative effort elevate everyone's status.... at least to the point that they are given the opportunity to create more.

    So, check it out. You will know you are into co-operation when working with a team is exiliarating enough that you really don't care who gets the credit for any accomplishment as long as you can be part of the process. You will know you've arrived when you truly care about creating a result that benefits others.

    **I'm part of a business that has co-operation as part of its hallmark. It's amazing to see during our sharing that those who turn up to brainstorm, or "mastermind" or whatever you want to call it-- these are the people who are bonding and growing. If you are someone who enjoys the thrill of spinning off others, spinning with them, going places together-- go here and find out more!

    **You want to read a sage little book that expands on the idea of growth through co-operation? Dan Sullivan has coached the likes of Jack Canfield (the successful "Chicken Soup" entrepreneur-author) and has a succinct brilliance that will give you an entirely new perspective on personal and business growth:

    Playfully, Joyfully, Zanily Successful....

    Would it surprise you to know that those who have more fun in their businesses have more business?

    It's true-- enjoyment is not optional-- if you want a lifetime of growth, enjoyment is essential.

    This might be difficult to grasp if you are a person who firmly believes that success is 'serious business' and has to be learned through the School of Hard Knocks. You probably question the credibility of someone who says they have fun at their job-- that what they do brings them complete joy, and that they don't mind being goofy if it means more good stuff in their lives.

    And maybe you are someone (like thousands of others)who is satisfied (?) to toil away at a business that you really feel no passion for.

    And maybe you even feel guilty if you have some success AND some fun.

    If this is you and you are not willing to take a look at the benefits of injecting a little joy into your business life-- well, it's probably okay for you to quit reading now.

    For those of you who DO dig a little comedic, pleasurable, fun activity to kickstart your creativity and jazz up your energy, just know that creativity in ALL fields of endeavor is linked to enjoyment-- actually, the constant desire to try new things just for the fun of it! If you approach everything with a willingness to be tickled, you can be sure that even though you will get as good as, or better, results than the micro-managing guy with the long face (and the ulcer?), your enjoyment will ALWAYS be greater than your effort.

    And that goes for the people you attract to your business-- your clients and your employees/team/partners.

    If you really crave some fun, how about turn tasks into games?

    You could call them "incentives" for yourself...

    Challenge yourself to break down large and onerous tasks into chunks and then give yourself a certain time in which to complete the chunks. Don't forget to give yourself prizes for coming in under the wire!

    Look for innovative ways to get desired results (fortunately, having fun will give you a huge energy boost-- both physical and cognitive).

    Ask: "What can I do to make this a more enjoyable experience?"

    Journal the Joy
    Keep notes on the whacky, zany, pleasurable ways you come up with to juice up your business and growth.

    Blog it... we all know there are lots of stressed out, miserable people who could use a few ideas on how to get happy.

    I happen to own a home business that brings me into contact with funny, smart, charming, successful people on a regular basis. If the idea of having fun while you make a good living appeals to you, go here to see how it is all possible.

    **You want to read a sage little book that expands on the idea of expanding your biz enjoyment? Dan Sullivan has coached the likes of Jack Canfield (the successful "Chicken Soup" entrepreneur-author) and has a succinct brilliance that will give you an entirely new perspective on personal and business growth:

    Give Thanks With A Grateful Heart (and Know Greater Success)

    There are two kinds of successful persons-- the one who comes from the small percentage of successful persons who is appreciative of everyone who assisted them on their journey. And then there are those who see themselves as "self-made"-- and who cut themselves off from anyone who has helped or supported them in their climb to the top. They soon experience isolation and can be seen as the classic "dog in the manger". On the other hand, the grateful and appreciative will be visited by greater success-- in fact, will create more room in their heart, mind, and world for more of the desires of their heart.

    The truly grateful person will recognize that there is beauty and wonder in all creation. They will recognize that the road to success is largely made up of fascinating and gratifying byways and side-roads-- the process is more important than the outcome. Others will want to work with and for the appreciative and emotionally generous.

    The truly grateful person will want to do whatever is in their ability to help the person who helped them... to pay forward, but also backward, so to speak.

    When you develop the habit of gratitude you will see that the world makes available to you more of everything you appreciate.

    The three qualities that are natural outgrowths of a habit of gratitude include:
    (1)connectedness- you are a part of something much larger
    (2) commitment- you desire to give back to the community that embraces you because you see the value in contributions that other people and things are making to the community and to you, and
    (3) humility- you see yourself as a unique part of the world around you, but NOT the most important part. You're connected, committed, and humble-- you know that there is always more to learn and you are open to that learning. You look for mentors and you grab opportunities to teach others what you have learned, a great way to solidify learning for yourself.

    Gratitude provides immunization against threats to personal growth and continuing success.

    Do you want an opportunity to operate a home business that is replete with on-going learning and teaching others what you learn? Do you want to work with a team of appreciative, friendly folks who demonstrate their gratitude in ways that encourage growth and prosperity? Go to to see the flash movie and find out more!
    **You want to read a sage little book that contains this idea about gratitude? Dan Sullivan has coached the likes of Jack Canfield (the successful "Chicken Soup" entrepreneur-author) and has a succinct brilliance that will give you an entirely new perspective on goal-setting:

    Hold the Applause, Please...

    When I hear one of the glitterati, a rock star, for example, say something like, "Well, I do it for the fans, Man, I do it all for the fans... I must never let them down"... I get a sort of queasy feeling. Let's get real here.

    There is nothing so intoxicating as applause. Once you've been kowtowed to by a crowd of clapping admirers, what is left? Usually, more efforts to summon up greater and greater acknowlegement of one's star prowess, whatever that means.

    Now, I'm not saying that there are not situations where applause is warranted. Not at all. But the fact is that for many the applause-- the recognition-- outshines the desire to improve one's performance.

    And the future is ALWAYS created through action and performance. To achieve a bigger vision one must take actions that are directly focused on achieving specific goals.

    So, don't get distracted by the spotlights.

    One prominent motivational speaker was used to addressing crowds of three thousand and up. One evening he walked into a room where there were only thirty people. Right after his gulp of shock he decided to give these 30 souls the benefit of his best ever energy and presentation skills. They gave him a standing ovation. He hadn't expected that.

    To keep growing, keep the Main Thing the Main Thing... keep the central focus upon your performance! Be right in the moment and totally engaged with whoever it is that is hearing or observing you. The more delight you can ring from your business, the more you are insured to keep on growing. If you base your satisfaction majorly on external factors, such as money or recognition, your pleasure will fade, your personal growth will slump.

    And keep your performance fresh! Just the other day I asked a clerk for directions in a mall store-- she has probably been asked a zillion times (actually, our son told us the most common question he was asked in his past career as a store clerk was "Where's the bathroom?")-- but she was as friendly and as interested and as helpful as if she were a brand new employee being monitored from a little window in the ceiling by her superiors. Find a way to keep the joy in your job.

    If you are looking for a business that prides itself upon bringing together a bunch of people-loving people in an ongoing atmosphere of encouragement and positivity, click here-->

    **You want to read a sage little book that contains this idea about performance? Dan Sullivan has coached the likes of Jack Canfield (the successful "Chicken Soup" entrepreneur-author) and has a succinct brilliance that will give you an entirely new perspective on goal-setting:

    Put Service Ahead of Reward

    Studies show that over the long haul those who make the greatest contributions-- who perform service to their fellows -- end up with the most satisfying business ventures, and the most personal growth.

    Rewards, such as increased financial income, applause, recognition, status, capabilities, resources and opportunities can sometimes be real growth stoppers... there is always the temptation to get stuck on gaining the rewards rather than focusing on making greater contributions.

    If you let go of your focus on the gains and instead look at how you might help others, your future will be topped up with increasingly rewarding ways to contribute.

    How can you help others? In general:
  • Help them to eliminate snags and dangers
  • Help them to capture opportunities
  • Help them to maximize their strengths

  • Focus on producing new kinds of value for greater numbers of people and you will guarantee that your contribution will always be greater than your reward. This certainly sounds contrary to most of the 'get rich' programs on line that would seem to promote getting rich for the sake of getting rich... you know, "he with the most toys wins"... yes, it does sound pretty selfish and childish, doesn't it?

    Look at it this way: as long as you are going out of your way to serve others, you are building your relationship with the outside world... conversely, if you are running around, caught up in your own thoughts and self-directed worries, you will become isolated and 'out of the loop'-- you will be fair game for those who prey on those who are cut off from the kind of support that a network of service-minded, ethical people can provide. Check your attitude of entitlement at the door of contribution: you really do have to make some kind of valuable contribution to others before you deserve any sort of reward.

    Some simple, accessible opportunities to make a contribution? Volunteer. Go above and beyond the call of duty in your regular job. Recognize the rewards that spin off from your delight in serving: new opportunities, new capabilities, confidence-- these are benefits you might not have expected when you went into the business you did.

    If you are looking for a business with a 'service heart' click here-->

    **You want to read a sage little book that contains this idea about contributing? Dan Sullivan has coached the likes of Jack Canfield (the successful "Chicken Soup" entrepreneur-author) and has a succinct brilliance that will give you an entirely new perspective on goal-setting:

    Timely Tips for Turbulent Times

    In Canada, small to medium businesses** employ 97% of all Canadians!

    If you are in business for yourself-- or thinking of doing so-- here are some tips to keep your head above water until the hurricane passes...

    1)Map out a Business Plan
    Include both long- and short-term goals. Be as detailed as possible. Do one small action towards each goal each day. (Read The Slight Edge: Secret to a Successful Life
    to see how this succeeds)
    2)Seek Wise Counsel
    Read widely (internet and books)in your field. Cultivate good working relationships with successful, ethical professionals who can help you (ask trusted friends and mentors for referrals if you don't know any)-- a good commercial banker, a business lawyer, financial planner, etc.
    3)Consider a Franchise Business
    If you are just in the market to start a biz, consider a franchise. Nearly 4X as many franchises succeed as independent businesses (good franchises come with start up and maintenance plans, training, and marketing research).
    4)Finance DIY
    Borrow only what you need (see #1 and get advice from your council) when you need it so that you can control your interest costs.
    5)Watch out for Pitfalls
    Get your Plan B firmly in place-- write it down, keep it in an accessible file. 92% of small business owners are so optimistic (a great thing) that they have no contingency plan in place in the event of the sort of turbulent times we are presently experiencing. Go back to your Wise Council to develop a contingency plan that best suits your business needs.
    6)Networking for Support
    Expand your Wise Council to include other people in your industry-- those who are at the same level you are, and those who are flying with the eagles.
    7)Keep Up with the Trends
    Stay on top of current affairs. Read widely from newspapers, trade publications, and on-line. Take advantage of the 'libraries' that others have accrued, and invest in an MP3 player like the inexpensive SanDisk Sansa m250 2 GB MP3 Player
    so you can listen to 15-minute downloads of motivational books that will cost you little and give you the boost you need when the storm is heaviest.
    8)Consider my Business-- get great mentoring from industry leaders, learn to franchise your own business, keep up with all the trends, and make "Effective Networking" your middle names!

    **refers to businesses with fewer than 100 employees

    Making Learning Greater than Experience

    You know those situations where you kick yourself all around the block for being so "stupid" or "short sighted" or "screwing up again"? How do you capitalize on these experiences to move forward?

    Here is a suggestion: Immediately choose to circumvent or cancel the negative self-talk with "What did I learn from this experience that will move me forward?" When you take the situation and learn something from it that you can apply in any future experiences where you break out in 'flop sweat'.

    I find it helpful to remember that Edison looked at his 1500+ 'failed' experiments in invention of the incandescent electric light as '1500 ways that didn't work'.

    Have you had negative experiences with network marketing that has turned you off taking any more risks even though you do know of people who have been successful in the industry? What can you learn from those experiences that will allow you to move ahead if you find a business opportunity that sounds like it is truly worth the investigation?

    In my situation, I learned that there are networking organizations that are structured for success (and some that are not). I learned that there is support out there that isn't reliant upon huge investments of cash into my upline's pockets. I learned that I had to take responsibility for my daily growth and my own positive beliefs. I learned that I had to do a thorough evaluation of the product-line: was it something that I could feel really great about presenting to others? And I learned that it is true: hanging in there and replicating/duplicating a system that has worked for others willing to teach me to teach, really DOES result in success (quitting doesn't).

    If you are interested in what network marketing closed loop system is the result of my expanded and continued joy in learning, take a look at

    **You want to read a sage little book that contains this idea about learning? Dan Sullivan has coached the likes of Jack Canfield (the successful "Chicken Soup" entrepreneur-author) and has a succinct brilliance that will give you an entirely new perspective on goal-setting:

    Make Your Tomorrow Bigger Than Your Today...

    Growth is what keeps us ticking... the idea of growing, the actual expansive quantity or quality over what we experienced or expected--

    Sometimes "positives" in our lives get in the way of our growth-- we have money or comfort or a glorious past. We lean on this stuff and pretty soon find that we are in a rut...

    That explains why even the most successful entrepreneurs sometimes go through the blahs or hit plateaus. It might also explain why people like Dr. Phil or Tony Robbins end up in divorce court... perhaps so caught up in the glory of their fame and fortune and the gratitude of the masses that they forget(?) to apply the same principles to their own lives that they prescribe for others.

    Take a look at your own life, sort of like scanning your appearance in the hall mirror before leaving the house. Are there areas where you've hit a slump?

    Get yourself some new goals! Here's an interesting suggestion: if you are having trouble coming up with meaningful goals, think of achievements and accomplishments of the past year... how can you improve on them? Ask yourself "What next?" and away you go with ideas to achieve those goals.

    If you are looking for a business that has goal coaching and success built in, take a look at I have been around the proverbial block and am really impressed with the simplicity and success that I have found here... making my Tomorrows Bigger than my Today... you can too!

    **You want to read a sage little book that will help you go the distance? Dan Sullivan has coached the likes of Jack Canfield (the successful "Chicken Soup" entrepreneur-author) and has a succinct brilliance that will give you an entirely new perspective on goal-setting:

    What do I do Next?

    This is probably the most commonly asked question within the network selling world.

    I've often stood in front of my favorite store window in the resort of Banff in the Canadian Rockies and watched rich chocolate fudge being made. Ingredients are poured into a huge vat-- chocolate, sugar, etc.-- and then it is processed, stirred, and poured onto a marble counter top where it is cooled and then cut. Then it is transferred to their display cases where people like me salivate over the selection before buying. As soon as the one batch is finished and the vat has been cleaned (or replaced by a clean one), a new batch is started with new ingredients. This is a fairly simple system that has been tested and repeated over thousands of times. New candy makers and employees who have been there since Day#1 duplicate the system... because it works!

    This is what is known as a "complete closed loop system" and it is what most businesses would strive for... if they knew that it only took a little know-how, a little patience, and a little commitment to implement.

    In my network marketing business we work with people, not vats of fudge... but we do have an effective, efficient closed loop system that takes the interested contact right from evaluation of the opportunity through the decision to opt in, into training and into active business-- learning to immediately both train new folks who join us and 'work' the business ourselves.

    It is an undertaking that has harnessed the more than 25 years of business acumen and system development of our founders and the computer savvy of their son and his team. People who have been in the same biz-- but "out of the loop"-- have joined up and found themselves as much as 4-10X more successful, faster, than in all previous years in the industry.

    Some people who look at the flash movie state that "it looks too good to be true"-- (and you can hear the unspoken rejoinder: "so it probably is"), but the fact here is that for anyone who is ready to jump into the system-- to evaluate and then to be trained to train others-- it truly leads to success at its simplest!

    If YOU are looking for a business that answers the question "What do I do next" in a simple, structured, understandable way that leads to the promised success, then you might want to take a look at the very start of the closed loop system by going here.

    Think and Grow Rich in a Positively Vibrant Way

    My husband and I took a three-week trip back East where we visited with our son, spun through the Gaspesie and the Maritimes (the glorious color zones), and ate at some fantastic restaurants (and some that were not so fantastic).

    I also read four books.

    One of the books was the classic how-to book of all time: "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. I am carrying that little sucker around in my bag... and reviewing my current goal just after I rise and just before crawling into bed.

    It's good to be home where I can talk out loud to myself in an angry-sounding voice (what many motivationalists say sounds like necessary extreme emotion for your unconscious mind, ever so eager to do your bidding).

    I'm not the only one smitten by old Mr. Hill-- look at the range of ways you can 'take in' this book:

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    Refer them to Paypal and get paid!

    In the past I have been the victim of some phishing trips by people (from Eastern Europe I believe)-- they claimed that I had something to resolve in my Paypal account... everything looked very genuine... and I didn't know for sure if I did or not, until I googled and went to Paypal and checked out the action reports there.

    Paypal is still a much respected, quick and convenient way of paying for and receiving money for goods and services.

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    Separate Yourself~ Setting Up Your Office Part 2

    For optimum business effectiveness, it is a great idea to have your office set as far away from regular house activity as possible... away from the kitchen, the laundry room, and especially, away from the children.

    Now, this might sound brutal if you have a concept of a sort of work environment that seamlessly integrates your family with your business. I mean, what could be nicer? You nurse your baby on your knee while you close on some pleasant deal, and then while the baby sleeps serenely in her bassinette nearby, you do your filing and initial calls.

    It doesn't work.

    Or at least not very often for very many people.

    If at all possible, find a room for an office that will not include any distractions. By all means, have childcare on the premises (most of the people I work with do their business calls 'around' their children-- if the children attend school, they do business during the school hours. If they have a baby, they trade off child-nurturing with their partner or an adult relative so they can get to the business part of their life. The really wonderful part of working at home is that you can flex your time.

    My suggestion: Look for opportunities in your work week to do business, and stick to them, so you can arrange for your childcare during those times. When you are NOT on your business schedule, be fully present for your children OUTSIDE your office space.

    It isn't perfect, but it does work!

    If you are a parent with children at home, or a daughter or son caring for a parent in your home, this might be the home business that fits for you! Check it out here.

    Light and Air-- Setting up your Home Office Part 1

    You are going to be working in this office so FIRST attend to the life-giving qualities of light and air.

    Did you know that proper lighting can make a huge difference to your mood?

    Did you ever wonder why bureaucrats all covet a window in their office?

    If we led a truly natural life we would probably get up with the sun and go to bed when it had sunk beneath the horizon. The full spectrum of sun light has been shown to improve mental health.

    If you have sources of natural light in your home office, sit near them to get the full benefit when you are working. Use full-spectrum electric bulbs to augment that lighting.

    Air Quality is also significantly important for the home office user

    Locate your office where the air is not too stuffy and/or too drafty. I have a window I can slide open in my office. I'm a bit of a fresh-air freak, so I like to have it open a little if it is snowing or raining out (pure oxygen, right?). I have my rebounder beside that window, too, and can oxygenate to wake up just by bouncing for about twenty minutes throughout the day.

    A stuffy office will encourage a sort of sleepy feeling... especially if you've eaten a high-fat meal.

    If you have pets, resident smokers, and any number of other potential allergens in the air (e.g., dust mites, strong cleaners, you name it), these air-borne particulates will frequently become a source of irritation... if not asthma and allergy, probably irritants to the nose and eyes. If you want to live in a home with optimal air health, I recommend installing the state-of-the-art AirSource3000 system. Be inspired-- not stuffed up and fixated on how many motes in a beam of light!

    Healthy Business Values

    When deciding on a business venture to pursue, it is a good idea to sit down, away from the "madding crowd" (especially those who are applying some pressure-- be it ever so minute-- for you to come into business as part of their 'team') and take a good inventory of what you believe in-- what are your VALUES?

    Here are some common values that we individually bring into our businesses:

    Accomplishment, Success***Accountability***Accuracy*** Adventure***

    All for one & one for all*** Beauty*** Calm, quietude, peace***

    Challenge *** Change*** Cleanliness, orderliness***

    Collaboration*** Commitment*** Communication***

    Community*** Competence*** Competition***

    Concern for others*** Content over form*** Continuous improvement***

    Cooperation*** Coordination*** Country, love of (patriotism)***

    Creativity*** Customer satisfaction***

    Decisiveness*** Delight of being, joy***

    Democracy*** Discipline*** Discovery***

    Ease of Use*** Efficiency*** Equality***

    Excellence*** Fairness*** Faith***

    Family*** Family feeling*** Flair***

    Freedom*** Friendship*** Fun***

    Global view*** Good will*** Goodness***

    Gratitude*** Hard work*** Harmony***

    Honesty*** Honor*** Independence***

    Inner peace, calm, quietude*** Innovation*** Integrity***

    Justice*** Knowledge*** Leadership***

    Love, Romance Loyalty*** Maximum utilization***
    (of time, resources)***

    Meaning*** Merit*** Money***

    Openness*** Peace, Non-violence***

    Perfection (e.g. of details)*** Personal Growth*** Pleasure***

    Positive attitude*** Power*** Practicality***

    Preservation*** Privacy*** Problem Solving***

    Progress*** Prosperity, Wealth*** Punctuality***

    Quality of work*** Regularity Resourcefulness***

    Respect for others*** Responsiveness*** Results-oriented***

    Rule of Law*** Safety*** Satisfying others***

    Security*** Self-givingness*** Self-reliance***

    Service (to others, society)*** Simplicity*** Skill***

    Speed*** Spirit in life (using)***

    Stability*** Standardization*** Status***

    Strength*** Succeed; A will to-*** Success, Achievement***

    Systemization*** Teamwork*** Timeliness***

    Tolerance*** Tradition*** Tranquility***

    Trust*** Truth*** Unity***

    Variety*** Wisdom***

    That is a "cloud" of some of the possibilities... I'm sure you have other values that are not listed above.

    If you are motivated to be in business for yourself, then your VALUES will help to determine what sort of business you will be happy in, who you want to work with (their values), where you want to work (city, country, your own home), and a whole stream of other factors.

    Find out what your very important values are (the ones that you can't bend on-- the ones that when they are lacking in others create anxiety or impatience for you) and take a good look at where they come from.

    There are quite a few good lengthy articles about values on line. I just want to suggest that if you have important values that include: Caring for Others, Health, Joy, Being your own Boss, Working from Home, Family, Creativity, Competence, Communication, and Accomplishment, you might well want to check out this business opportunity!

    **Image is called "Walking in the Field" by Lusi at

    Positively Magic!

    I just finished re-reading the Canadian classic(?) The Wealthy Barber: The Guide to Successful Financial Planning by David Chilton. The first time I read it (maybe ten years ago) I skimmed through as part of a plan to read a hundred such "improving" books in a year. This time many of the lessons therein make complete and total sense to me.

    This book was written mainly for an audience of 24-year to 48-year old Canadians, and initially came out in 1989. I'm closely connected to a financial planner and he tells me that the information this book contains is still highly relevant.

    This is an unpredictable time for investing in North America. But it is still a good time to invest in yourself and your business. Ownership still wins over Loanership.

    "Pay yourself first" was popularized by the The Wealthy Barber. In very simple terms, arrange for 10% of your income to go into a separate account and from there into an investment. This is another example of the magic of compound interest. If you get this going when you are relatively young, you will have a good-sized fortune at retirement age. But don't NOT do it if you are a little more mature-- it's never too late to start. I am going to help out my kids and grandkids by investing my 10% in their RESP. There are many opportunities-- investing in a business is another great idea!

    If you are looking for a business that will truly amaze you with its ability to assist you to achieve your dreams... check this out.

    **Image is a painting of "Church Street Marketplace" in the charming city of Burlington, Vermont where we visited recently. Painter is Charles Dickinson.

    Dream Your Business Success

    The greatest achievement was at first and for a time a dream. The oak sleeps in the acorn; the bird waits in the egg. And in the highest vision of a soul a waking angel stirs. Dreams are the seedlings of realities. "~As A Man Thinketh..." by James Allen

    Is your dream nestled in an acorn, ready to spring forth and start to grow into a magnificent oak? I find this metaphor particularly apt since the other day my husband, son, and I hiked to the top of Mount Royal in Montreal (well, hiked as in walked from the parking lot) and as we trotted along we saw many of those amazing old oak trees stretched up wide and strong into the sky.

    Visualize taking that acorn into your hands and using your powerful x-ray vision to see into the little dream -- your 'baby' Goal-- curled up inside. There, in teeny-tiny miniature is what you have been aspiring to have in your life. Take a really good look at it.

    Brilliant entrepreneurs everywhere can tell you that the 'dream' is the powerful thrust into a successful business. But just as a huge oak tree doesn't spring up like Jack's Beanstalk, a great and satisfying enterprise doesn't happen overnight. You know this, but how often are you seduced by the very promise of this through internet ads, other media, or your somewhat inethical acquaintances trying to build their own instant downlines?

    You need to nurture that dream (again, you know this, right?). According to James Allen, and all the motivational gurus he influenced (Norman Vincent Peale, Earl Nightingale, Tony Robbins, just to mention a few), keep your business goal front and center in your life. Think of it as if it has been accomplished. Plan on doing at least one simple task towards its fruition each and every day. (The Slight Edge: Secret to a Successful Life). For me, that involves reading 10 pages from a motivational book each day-- the classic "As A Man Thinketh" is available free on line and is a good place to start. In the course of a year you will have read ten to twelve positively inspiring, motivating books. Your whole life will be changed.

    If you are looking for a business that will allow you to grow and blossom and thrive as you nurture your dream, I invite you to take a look at this business opportunity. You can evaluate it with NO PRESSURE, absolutely free, and decide if it, indeed, is what you would like to pursue.

    **Image of "Wolf Howling At the Moon" is courtesy of Lynne Lancaster at