Healthy Business Values

When deciding on a business venture to pursue, it is a good idea to sit down, away from the "madding crowd" (especially those who are applying some pressure-- be it ever so minute-- for you to come into business as part of their 'team') and take a good inventory of what you believe in-- what are your VALUES?

Here are some common values that we individually bring into our businesses:

Accomplishment, Success***Accountability***Accuracy*** Adventure***

All for one & one for all*** Beauty*** Calm, quietude, peace***

Challenge *** Change*** Cleanliness, orderliness***

Collaboration*** Commitment*** Communication***

Community*** Competence*** Competition***

Concern for others*** Content over form*** Continuous improvement***

Cooperation*** Coordination*** Country, love of (patriotism)***

Creativity*** Customer satisfaction***

Decisiveness*** Delight of being, joy***

Democracy*** Discipline*** Discovery***

Ease of Use*** Efficiency*** Equality***

Excellence*** Fairness*** Faith***

Family*** Family feeling*** Flair***

Freedom*** Friendship*** Fun***

Global view*** Good will*** Goodness***

Gratitude*** Hard work*** Harmony***

Honesty*** Honor*** Independence***

Inner peace, calm, quietude*** Innovation*** Integrity***

Justice*** Knowledge*** Leadership***

Love, Romance Loyalty*** Maximum utilization***
(of time, resources)***

Meaning*** Merit*** Money***

Openness*** Peace, Non-violence***

Perfection (e.g. of details)*** Personal Growth*** Pleasure***

Positive attitude*** Power*** Practicality***

Preservation*** Privacy*** Problem Solving***

Progress*** Prosperity, Wealth*** Punctuality***

Quality of work*** Regularity Resourcefulness***

Respect for others*** Responsiveness*** Results-oriented***

Rule of Law*** Safety*** Satisfying others***

Security*** Self-givingness*** Self-reliance***

Service (to others, society)*** Simplicity*** Skill***

Speed*** Spirit in life (using)***

Stability*** Standardization*** Status***

Strength*** Succeed; A will to-*** Success, Achievement***

Systemization*** Teamwork*** Timeliness***

Tolerance*** Tradition*** Tranquility***

Trust*** Truth*** Unity***

Variety*** Wisdom***

That is a "cloud" of some of the possibilities... I'm sure you have other values that are not listed above.

If you are motivated to be in business for yourself, then your VALUES will help to determine what sort of business you will be happy in, who you want to work with (their values), where you want to work (city, country, your own home), and a whole stream of other factors.

Find out what your very important values are (the ones that you can't bend on-- the ones that when they are lacking in others create anxiety or impatience for you) and take a good look at where they come from.

There are quite a few good lengthy articles about values on line. I just want to suggest that if you have important values that include: Caring for Others, Health, Joy, Being your own Boss, Working from Home, Family, Creativity, Competence, Communication, and Accomplishment, you might well want to check out this business opportunity!

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