Light and Air-- Setting up your Home Office Part 1

You are going to be working in this office so FIRST attend to the life-giving qualities of light and air.

Did you know that proper lighting can make a huge difference to your mood?

Did you ever wonder why bureaucrats all covet a window in their office?

If we led a truly natural life we would probably get up with the sun and go to bed when it had sunk beneath the horizon. The full spectrum of sun light has been shown to improve mental health.

If you have sources of natural light in your home office, sit near them to get the full benefit when you are working. Use full-spectrum electric bulbs to augment that lighting.

Air Quality is also significantly important for the home office user

Locate your office where the air is not too stuffy and/or too drafty. I have a window I can slide open in my office. I'm a bit of a fresh-air freak, so I like to have it open a little if it is snowing or raining out (pure oxygen, right?). I have my rebounder beside that window, too, and can oxygenate to wake up just by bouncing for about twenty minutes throughout the day.

A stuffy office will encourage a sort of sleepy feeling... especially if you've eaten a high-fat meal.

If you have pets, resident smokers, and any number of other potential allergens in the air (e.g., dust mites, strong cleaners, you name it), these air-borne particulates will frequently become a source of irritation... if not asthma and allergy, probably irritants to the nose and eyes. If you want to live in a home with optimal air health, I recommend installing the state-of-the-art AirSource3000 system. Be inspired-- not stuffed up and fixated on how many motes in a beam of light!

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