Make Your Tomorrow Bigger Than Your Today...

Growth is what keeps us ticking... the idea of growing, the actual expansive quantity or quality over what we experienced or expected--

Sometimes "positives" in our lives get in the way of our growth-- we have money or comfort or a glorious past. We lean on this stuff and pretty soon find that we are in a rut...

That explains why even the most successful entrepreneurs sometimes go through the blahs or hit plateaus. It might also explain why people like Dr. Phil or Tony Robbins end up in divorce court... perhaps so caught up in the glory of their fame and fortune and the gratitude of the masses that they forget(?) to apply the same principles to their own lives that they prescribe for others.

Take a look at your own life, sort of like scanning your appearance in the hall mirror before leaving the house. Are there areas where you've hit a slump?

Get yourself some new goals! Here's an interesting suggestion: if you are having trouble coming up with meaningful goals, think of achievements and accomplishments of the past year... how can you improve on them? Ask yourself "What next?" and away you go with ideas to achieve those goals.

If you are looking for a business that has goal coaching and success built in, take a look at I have been around the proverbial block and am really impressed with the simplicity and success that I have found here... making my Tomorrows Bigger than my Today... you can too!

**You want to read a sage little book that will help you go the distance? Dan Sullivan has coached the likes of Jack Canfield (the successful "Chicken Soup" entrepreneur-author) and has a succinct brilliance that will give you an entirely new perspective on goal-setting:

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