Playfully, Joyfully, Zanily Successful....

Would it surprise you to know that those who have more fun in their businesses have more business?

It's true-- enjoyment is not optional-- if you want a lifetime of growth, enjoyment is essential.

This might be difficult to grasp if you are a person who firmly believes that success is 'serious business' and has to be learned through the School of Hard Knocks. You probably question the credibility of someone who says they have fun at their job-- that what they do brings them complete joy, and that they don't mind being goofy if it means more good stuff in their lives.

And maybe you are someone (like thousands of others)who is satisfied (?) to toil away at a business that you really feel no passion for.

And maybe you even feel guilty if you have some success AND some fun.

If this is you and you are not willing to take a look at the benefits of injecting a little joy into your business life-- well, it's probably okay for you to quit reading now.

For those of you who DO dig a little comedic, pleasurable, fun activity to kickstart your creativity and jazz up your energy, just know that creativity in ALL fields of endeavor is linked to enjoyment-- actually, the constant desire to try new things just for the fun of it! If you approach everything with a willingness to be tickled, you can be sure that even though you will get as good as, or better, results than the micro-managing guy with the long face (and the ulcer?), your enjoyment will ALWAYS be greater than your effort.

And that goes for the people you attract to your business-- your clients and your employees/team/partners.

If you really crave some fun, how about turn tasks into games?

You could call them "incentives" for yourself...

Challenge yourself to break down large and onerous tasks into chunks and then give yourself a certain time in which to complete the chunks. Don't forget to give yourself prizes for coming in under the wire!

Look for innovative ways to get desired results (fortunately, having fun will give you a huge energy boost-- both physical and cognitive).

Ask: "What can I do to make this a more enjoyable experience?"

Journal the Joy
Keep notes on the whacky, zany, pleasurable ways you come up with to juice up your business and growth.

Blog it... we all know there are lots of stressed out, miserable people who could use a few ideas on how to get happy.

I happen to own a home business that brings me into contact with funny, smart, charming, successful people on a regular basis. If the idea of having fun while you make a good living appeals to you, go here to see how it is all possible.

**You want to read a sage little book that expands on the idea of expanding your biz enjoyment? Dan Sullivan has coached the likes of Jack Canfield (the successful "Chicken Soup" entrepreneur-author) and has a succinct brilliance that will give you an entirely new perspective on personal and business growth:

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