Positively Confident!

Definition of Confidence: the ability to overcome fear and continue moving forward.

To grow we need to stretch beyond our comfort levels.

We work our 'confidence' muscles like we work our other muscles:
we stretch, we do a substantial work-out and "push our limits", and then we take a rest (doing something that gives us a break from the strain). Without the rest we
are apt to burn out, sustain an injury, or at the least, experience diminished returns... put out more effort for less gain. So, while the work-out is
essential, so is the break.

But keep the comfort breaks short enough so that you don't lose your

A real growth-stopper is this 'comfort'. When we become too comfortable we
lose that 'edge' that is confidence... and then we don't grow.

If you are confident, you have the ability to transform FEAR into ACTION.
Fear is the biggest challenge to leaving your Comfort Zone: fear of what
others think, fear of failure, fear of losing something or someone, etc. Confidence is the lever that shifts fear into focused thinking and action.

Fear can be translated to mean that the challenge is worthy of the undertaking.

How do you know that you are in a Comfort Trap?
1/ You can actually feel yourself slowing down, moving like you walking, lead-footed, in treacle. Sighing lots. Falling asleep at inappropriate times-- sometimes in your work cubicle.
2/ Life begins to feel too cautious, too easy, and not exciting-- your sense of meaning is dulled
3/ You feel bored
4/ You ask yourself, "So, is this it? Is this all?"
5/ You find lots of justifications for continuing in the mode of 1-4 above.

How do you overcome the lull in your motivation to grow?

Use goals, Big or Small, to kickstart your movement back into confidence-building and ultimately, growth. Big goals can be especially inspiring, but might need to be broken down into smaller chunks (Instead of, "I will run a Marathon this September" how about "I will run a 10K race this August".) Small goals are useful in that they are probably more do-able and will provide a valuable boost in confidence.

It's not actually the achievement of the goals, but the striving that leads to growth. Some of the most amazing (and unexpected) results actually happen along the way to your goal attainment. These by-products of achieving your goal are just as valuable if they promote your growth and build your confidence. (And, don't forget about taking the break/rest to rejuvenate!)

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**You want to read a sage little book that expands on the idea of growth through co-confidence-building? Dan Sullivan has coached the likes of Jack Canfield (the successful "Chicken Soup" entrepreneur-author) and has a succinct brilliance that will give you an entirely new perspective on personal and business growth:

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