Separate Yourself~ Setting Up Your Office Part 2

For optimum business effectiveness, it is a great idea to have your office set as far away from regular house activity as possible... away from the kitchen, the laundry room, and especially, away from the children.

Now, this might sound brutal if you have a concept of a sort of work environment that seamlessly integrates your family with your business. I mean, what could be nicer? You nurse your baby on your knee while you close on some pleasant deal, and then while the baby sleeps serenely in her bassinette nearby, you do your filing and initial calls.

It doesn't work.

Or at least not very often for very many people.

If at all possible, find a room for an office that will not include any distractions. By all means, have childcare on the premises (most of the people I work with do their business calls 'around' their children-- if the children attend school, they do business during the school hours. If they have a baby, they trade off child-nurturing with their partner or an adult relative so they can get to the business part of their life. The really wonderful part of working at home is that you can flex your time.

My suggestion: Look for opportunities in your work week to do business, and stick to them, so you can arrange for your childcare during those times. When you are NOT on your business schedule, be fully present for your children OUTSIDE your office space.

It isn't perfect, but it does work!

If you are a parent with children at home, or a daughter or son caring for a parent in your home, this might be the home business that fits for you! Check it out here.

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