What do I do Next?

This is probably the most commonly asked question within the network selling world.

I've often stood in front of my favorite store window in the resort of Banff in the Canadian Rockies and watched rich chocolate fudge being made. Ingredients are poured into a huge vat-- chocolate, sugar, etc.-- and then it is processed, stirred, and poured onto a marble counter top where it is cooled and then cut. Then it is transferred to their display cases where people like me salivate over the selection before buying. As soon as the one batch is finished and the vat has been cleaned (or replaced by a clean one), a new batch is started with new ingredients. This is a fairly simple system that has been tested and repeated over thousands of times. New candy makers and employees who have been there since Day#1 duplicate the system... because it works!

This is what is known as a "complete closed loop system" and it is what most businesses would strive for... if they knew that it only took a little know-how, a little patience, and a little commitment to implement.

In my network marketing business we work with people, not vats of fudge... but we do have an effective, efficient closed loop system that takes the interested contact right from evaluation of the opportunity through the decision to opt in, into training and into active business-- learning to immediately both train new folks who join us and 'work' the business ourselves.

It is an undertaking that has harnessed the more than 25 years of business acumen and system development of our founders and the computer savvy of their son and his team. People who have been in the same biz-- but "out of the loop"-- have joined up and found themselves as much as 4-10X more successful, faster, than in all previous years in the industry.

Some people who look at the flash movie state that "it looks too good to be true"-- (and you can hear the unspoken rejoinder: "so it probably is"), but the fact here is that for anyone who is ready to jump into the system-- to evaluate and then to be trained to train others-- it truly leads to success at its simplest!

If YOU are looking for a business that answers the question "What do I do next" in a simple, structured, understandable way that leads to the promised success, then you might want to take a look at the very start of the closed loop system by going here.

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