The Emotional Advantage in Business

When I was growing up there was a supposition that to get ahead one had to be intellectually bright and hard-working with a good education and a "good upbringing".

Studies over the past couple of decades have shown that persons who score high on IQ tests are frequently NOT the most successful in either business or their personal lives.

And, thus, it will come as no surprise that those who are most successful in the network marketing arena most often have what is described as "high EQ" (emotional intelligence).

A very simple definition of emotion is simply "movement to core feelings."

Feelings are the most potent source of human energy, drive, and authenticity.

Energy, drive, and authenticity are what distinquishes Joe Schmoe from Joan Super.

Furthermore, it is EQ that really motivates us to find our unique purpose on this planet. That which we passionately set our hearts upon is, ultimately, what we live!

What we truly DESIRE is what we become. Desire is not a thinking word, but a deep feeling word.

When we acknowledge and value feelings-- our own and others'-- we become responsive to these same feelings, and apply the energy of these feelings to our work.

Absolutely everything important that happens to us is charged with feeling!

So, come to your 'head work' (analysis, strategy, etc.) with your intuition and heart, as well as your head. When you engage your heart first, and then your thoughts, you will zoom through thousands of choices/scenarios to arrive at the best solution in seconds and not hours.

Network Marketing IS Relationship Marketing. Empathy, intuitiveness, shared passions, recognition, appreciation-- these are all "heart" jobs. These same feelings that were once put down as "soppy", "soft-headed", "girl-y" are now perceived for what they are: the superior gifts.

Here are some of many books that you might want to take a look at that address Emotional Intelligence and the 'new' brain science that accompanies this area of knowledge:

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