Gratitude: Expressing and Receiving

Close your eyes and think back to the last time someone thanked you-- with genuine feeling-- for something that you did for them. It's frequently true that we would have done or said the thing 'gratis' (with grace and no expectation of any gratitude), but please make note of the way you feel when you are thanked. I'm willing to bet that you are more willing to go to bat for someone who expressed their gratitude... more willing to help them the next time the need arises.

And, if you want to have an abundant and successful life, full of what you desire more of, you will achieve just that by making thanksgiving a habit in your own life. Not just a yearly occurrence (i.e., Canadians in October, Americans in November).

The people we make our thankful gestures to-- a note, a phone call-- are more likely to respond repeatedly with assistance and good will.

It's just natural that people love to be acknowledged, admired and thanked. Want to defuse an escalated situation with your teen or your toddler? Look for an opportunity to "catch them being good"-- a chance to express your appreciation, or to provide an observation of what is truly splendid about them.

The acknowledgement is a reinforcement of the good feeling that comes from doing the 'right thing'.

I have certainly had people step forward and provide warmth and kindness to me throughout my (increasingly) long life. I try to remember to express my appreciation pretty close on the heels of the kindness-- it makes it less likely that I will forget and miss a sterling opportunity to be part of that wonderful fellowship.

I am so grateful to be in a business that encourages each of us to enjoy people, to build the positive energy of gratitude into our everyday lives, and to duplicate the joyful qualities of our business leaders. You too might be looking for just such an element in a home business. Go here and watch the movie and submit the form at the site for more information (free). I thank you!

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