Build Your Own Profit-Producing Website-- YES YOU CAN

Create your own banner at!
Make your own banner at!

I belong to a long line of women of a certain age/lifestage who has built herself a profit-generating website.

Yes, there are certainly quite a vast number of web site design packages out there-- everything from "build yourself a site for $3/month" to sites that cost $1000s of upfront dollars in the designing and building (by someone else, usually an "expert").
In general the freebie, cheapcheap sites will either be dropped along the wayside because they just don't provide the instruction required, OR they will cost several hundreds or thousands of dollars to complete because of all the technical "add-ons" required (and then most people in my circle will just hand the whole complex project over to someone "who knows what they're doing-- a nerd.")

If you want to build a site that shows you how to use keywords and build revenue from Step #1 all the way through to completion, you would be well-advised to go with the most popular site on the internet-- SitebuildIt.

Now SitebuildIt offers a powerful self-study COURSE in e-business success! And you, SBI's partner-in-sales, has a unique opportunity to present SBI! to your visitors with this in mind.

And in these tough times, this is a way to build your own money-producing website while offering someone else the opportunity to do the same-- and everything you have to deal with is inclusive, including web hosting, design assistance, piles of training and support and other features you will want to read about in detail!

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