The Cozy Home Office: Let It Snow

Tonight I'm all hyped up-- it's cold and icy outside, but in my heart it's summertime! I just took one of my team through a simulated 'initial contact' with her training buddy. Shannon (not her real name)is in her early 20s. She is newly married and decided to take some time out from the pretty bleak job market to think about a business instead.

Her young husband came home with a newspaper from the nearby larger center. He had found an ad that he thought she would be interested in checking out. She was.

She went in to my website at Positively and watched the video there (you can too-- click here). She watched it a couple of times, because, frankly, it just seemed too good to be true... work at home, choose when you work, where you work, and who you work with; choose how much you work and have an excellent escalating income within the year-- Shannon figured there was probably a hitch of some sort.

She had answered a few such type ads on the Internet and they had either not gotten back to her or had phoned incessantly with high-pressure tactics meant to extract large sums from the young couple in exchange for outrageous instant fortunes. Shannon and her husband both came from rural, hard-working stock... they could spot shysters from a country mile away.

So, with some skepticism, she read over the testimonials on the site, and toured a cyber classroom where the evaluations of the program would take place. Shannon is a bit of a computer geek. The interactive classroom was really intriguing to her.

And so she took the next step and filled in the submission form.

I received it the same day, called her, and made the 'initial contact' call that just a few weeks later-- after having completed the evaluation in the three computerized classrooms-- Shannon made in her very own business.

I'm excited that in these turbulent times there are amazing business possibilities for all kinds of people who have only dreamed of being entrepreneurs-- early retirees (like myself) and young women like Shannon and everybody in between! Maybe you are looking for an ethical (green) business with an established (52+ years) and highly-esteemed supplier (#1 in the industry). Perhaps you would like to 'evaluate' this business yourself? Just go to the website and watch the video and fill out the form there. The three-classroom evaluation is free. 2009 is going to be a fine year to start and build a profitable business.
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Toasty said...


So here's where you hang out. Thanks for the comment that you made on my blog a day or so ago.

You have an interesting blog. I've read Napoleon Hill's book, p;lus many more business-related books a number of years ago. The best to you in your business venture. I'm originally from the U.S. (Seattle, WA). My wife and I moved to Sapporo, Japan after I retired at the end of last November. Now I'm a blogger and a writer of fiction and poetry, with two websites where I showcase my writing. Drop me a line if you'd like their URLs, & I'll send them to you.

Again, the best of everything to you, and keep up your blogging!

HealthiaCynthia said...

Thanks Toasty for your comments, and I will hop over to your websites to enjoy your showcased writing!


I enjoyed your story! Kepp it up and thank you for sharing!

Betty said...

Great story! I wish her all the luck in the world. She's going to do great.

laughing yogini said...

Hi, There is much wisdom in your blog that I hope will help my yoga, blogging, writing, and poetry find an audience and succeed! I will return to read more as soon as i can. Thank you!

Wenny said...

Hi Cynthia
Doesn't it feel great when you could extend a helping hand to another, no matter it's $$$ or through other avenue?
You gave another's life a brighter outlook. But do remember ... the choice is still in her hands. Friends forever, even if she decideds that the business is not for her.