Hanging In There

When I was a child my parents harped on "anything-worth-doing-is-worth-doing-well" which often resulted in, I'm ashamed to say, not even trying some things, like sports that I wasn't particularly good at or interested in, or Math, which I usually did a full-blown fade on. The idea was to encourage excellence. And that may well have worked for kids who had some understanding of the "process" or who had a natural love of whatever it was, or who had no shame-based fear. But for us little jelly-bellies, it often worked in reverse. We dropped out.

I love Brian Tracy's take on this old saw: "Anything worth doing well is worth doing poorly at first. Everything is hard before it is easy. A primary reason that people do not realize their full potential is that they try something new, and when it doesn't work perfectly the first time, they quit and go back to their old, lower level of performance. Anything worth doing well is worth doing poorly at first, and is often worth doing poorly several times until you master it." (Focal Point)

Most of us have heard about the skinny little German who developed himself into a magnificent specimen of musculature (Arnold Schwartzenegger), a movie star, husband to a wife from one of the American aristrocratic families, and now Governor of California. We have also heard the story of Edison and his thousand plus attempts to invent the incandescent light. I am quite sure that you have examples from your family or your community of individuals who have kept on keeping on with a project way past the point where others would have given up, and who have 'proven the point' that anything worth doing well is worth doing poorly until you master it.
My business is an example of the fruits of perseverence and dream... for those who understand that building a business is not an overnight feat and might take a few years of steadfast focus, planning, and work there are vast rewards that you simply will not find in most traditional business models. There is much to be achieved just through simply 'keeping on keeping on'. And fortunately, the people in the process are largely self-selected so you will have fun on the journey. If you are interested in learning more and joining my team in your own home business, watch the video here and then submit the form for more information. The thorough evaluation is FREE. You will not be bothered by pushy salespeople or asked for upfront fees.

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