Will Your Ship Come In This Year?

The idea picture of "my ship coming in" seems most apt for me. I live on an island and in the winter I can look through the gaps in the leafless trees and see the Comox Harbor just a walk down the hill.

In his book The 45-Second Presentation That Will Change Your Life, Don Failla dedicates a chapter to this metaphor of "Ships At Sea" as it pertains to network marketing. He states that "you really CAN have your ship come in" if you read and apply his teachings, a synthesis of hundreds of other successful network marketers' teachings.

Who is Dying to Leave You a Fortune?

Most of us don't have much of a chance of being left a major inheritance by some long-lost relative. But the exciting thing is that as a network marketer you can offer HOPE to people that isn't reliant on daydreams about winning a lottery-- hope that they don't have to spend the next 30 or 40 years working for 'The Man' so they can draw a pension and retire.

Imagine having the opportunity to see your 'retirement' dreams come true without having to wait 30 years for that to happen? And, what if you are truly loyal to your current job/boss-- how about the option of working part-time 5-10 hours a week from your home to realize much much more than the half an income that your pension might turn out to be?

This is a pretty good illustration of "your ship coming in".

Failla extends this analogy of ships to include the kind of people you want to work with in your ideal business. He sketches 3 ships at sea and labels them as "GOLD", "SILVER" and "M.T" (Empty). (You can draw a shore-line where you wait, like Bobby Darren's lover, for your ship to come in).

Naturally, you don't want your ship to be empty when it comes in.... you want a gold-stocked cargo. Failla points out that it is very interesting that like the squeaky wheel, it is generally the 'MT SHIP' that gets attention during the business-building process. They are the worriers, the skeptics, the whiners who need to be convinced at every turn in the road that it IS possible to succeed in the business. They can be enormously costly to maintain, these MT Ships. Their negativity can bring you down, their constant need for encouragement can take you away from the other fleet, especially the Silver and Gold Ships.

As a business leader looking for success, you want to make the absolute best use of your time and energies.

You are looking for a GOLD SHIP to work with-- a SERIOUS person intent on succeeding. Failla describes these GOLD SHIPS as having the following qualities:
  • Eagerness to learn-- they call you with questions they want answers to.
  • They ask for help and want to extend your mentoring to a friend or candidate they desire will come into business with them.
  • Excitement-- their excitement feeds yours-- the result is creative synergy!
  • They COMMIT to the 'system' that is in place to ensure success: they field test the products that they will be telling others about, they commit to using the products that work for them on a regular basis and let go of all the 'cheap' stuff that doesn't have the backing of the kind of research and development that is possible with network marketing suppliers
  • They are GOAL-driven. They know what they want and they are willing to do anything proven and ethical to achieve their goals.
  • They are fun to be with-- and they are contagiously POSITIVELY VIBRANT.

    These are the folks I want to have on my team-- what about you?

    **Thanks to Karen Lindstrom at StockXpert for the great photo of the sailing ship.
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