Setting Goals for Others

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Sometimes we feel that we can help other people
-- particularly our mates, our employees, our teenaged kids-- achieve their goals.

Read: THEIR goals. If they have goals, then they are well on their way to achieving those goals if they write them down, detail them, and all of the other points that you already know about from the last
couple of blog posts. If they don't have goals, you can help them with the process.

But... YOU can't set goals for THEM.
An example is: when you set a goal for your child to go to college you are working on something that is impossible for YOU to achieve. However, if you plant the seeds of that goal in your children's minds, talk about it regularly, and encourage them in their studies and commitments, the odds that will attend college go up dramatically.

you can not set a goal to change your downline/team members. However, when you change yourself, chances increase substantially that they will change also.

If you are enthusiastic and have a system set up that is easily copy-able, you will be well on your way to motivating your team
members to strive for success. Other ways that you can be a positive influence in your team's business vision include:

*communicating on a regular basis-- using email and phone calls to let them know about upcoming events, to arrange for brainstorming, and to encourage and congratulate.

*keeping on your own forward track--
cultivating positivity and developing yourself in your personal goals and your leadership strengths. As a successful business person you become a role model for anyone you bring into your business. (Refer to the final asterisked tip below)

*carefully duplicating the effective methods used by the successful business leaders in your organization. Why re-invent the wheel? You don't have to be a cookie-cutter business builder-- we all have different personalities and gifts, for example-- but just copying the successful methods used by people with credibility (success and integrity) will ensure your success AND increase the likelihood of your team members doing what the see you do in turn. If you, a successful business leader, set goals, then it is highly likely that they will also set goals.

*"In addition to reading ten pages of a motivational or inspirational book each day... listen to a self-improvement CD for at least 15 minutes every day... if you spend that time listening to educational and self-improvement material, you'll have the equivalent of a Ph.D on any subject you choose in just a few years. That's "the Slight Edge"." ~Jeff Olsen,
author of The Slight Edge.

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**Today's wisdom was drawn from Jeff Olsen, and Zig Ziglar "Day in the Park" photo courtesy of Garrison Photos.


Anonymous said...

I believe in the secret and i constantly work. I have achieved phenomenal success. I don't know how, but its true.
Things are happening the way I think them(also the negative things).

Anonymous said...

Yep. You are right. But self hypnosis is in no way connected to being happy, healthy and things like those.
While self hypnosis gives you only things you want. How can you have something you dont want? thats the key. Ask what you want.
May be that old man never wanted the good things we usually search in people.