This Year I Will...

The following is from M.J. Ryan, author of the best-selling book This Year I Will…: How to Finally Change a Habit, Keep a Resolution, or Make a Dream Come True

You’ve been doing well and then something threw a monkey wrench into your formula for success. Make no mistake–setbacks suck. You’re right back where you started. Actually it’s worse. Because you’ve set off that part of your mind that whispers, “See, you can’t do this. Just give up. Give in. It’s not worth even trying.” This is a truly dangerous moment. Because if we listen to this voice, not only do we not change this time, but we decrease the possibility of ever changing because we lose faith in ourselves.

That’s why, when circumstances throw us off course as they inevitably will, it’s time for the 4 A’s:

1. Assess the current situation.

2. Adjust what needs to be done.

3. “Admire yourself,” in the words of fitness guru Bob Greene, “for being strong enough to start again.”

4. Act quickly to implement your new course of action.
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