Positively Vibrant Again!

This is a "get real" sort of blog today. Lately I have been posting a number of blogs that contain either cute-sy 'forwards' from my emails, or someone else's youtube contribution. I choose whatever I post for its positive, motivational impact, but today I want to talk a little more about myself in that context.

I had a tough day yesterday. I have the second cold of the season and sometimes find my self-talk is accusatory and berating, as in "I thought you were so healthy! What is the deal here?"

So, I started the day with that sort of head-cast:
snarky and whiney. Then I ran into some similar situations with one of my business builders.

Late in the afternoon I was tired and cranky. My sponsor responded to an email question I posed with questions about my competence, or so I heard her response through my angry, pouting filter.

But, I am a trained "nice person". I am also "coachable". I talked myself into making some corrections to wording in my non-pulling newspaper ads using her suggestions. I paid a little too much attention to the interior rant that included really classic (childish) stuff like: "Why didn't she tell me this in the first place when we were training?" "I doubt that this will even work-- I don't even believe in these products."

Later in the evening I reviewed the new ad wording with my husband
and he agreed that it sounded better. But I was still whiney and feeling hard-done-by. I treated him to that not-so-nice part of me.

I woke up around 4 a.m., wide-awake and still somewhat morose, but less so.
I did some hard thinking and some praying. One of my thoughts was "I can do my usual passive-aggressive 'nice' act and just do what someone else tells me to, or I can make a serious choice to try something different that someone else has suggested with the attitude that this sounds like a good way to go... that this is the fruit of someone who has my best interests at heart, someone who has walked this road to success before I got off the bus here. (so to speak).

I went back to sleep after this. I woke quite refreshed and positive around 7:30 am. I felt resolved about a few things that I had still felt unsure about in the wee hours. One of my realizations was: "I CAN choose to do something different that will work" And I CAN stop doing a few things that get in the way of my ascent to success. What are some of the things that get in the way? Too much time on Facebook and Twitter. Letting my mind go down the slippery negative slope whenever I am challenged with a question that appears to be "a criticism". Lots of other stuff, too, but I'll be easy on me here. lol


I performed my morning's ablutions with a much lighter heart than I had had for a week or so. I came downstairs and was greeted by my little dog who loves me whether I'm a nasty bag or a doting Lady Bountiful.

There on my computer keyboard was a piece of real mail
that my husband had picked up from the mailbox during a late-night walk with the dog. The envelope contained an unexpected affiliate commission check (I actually thought I had received that payment ages ago, but I guess not). Wow, the seed money for some more ads!

Off we went for a walk in the beautiful warm, dry morning (two days of rain preceded this blog). Our dog just loves it when the two of us take a walk with her. She sometimes bounds ahead when we get to the leash-free zone, and then quickly returns to bask in the family togetherness (or that is how we see her lol).

When I went to make our morning smoothie I didn't find any frozen berries in the kitchen freezer and checked the garage where our freezer-proper lives. I was amazed when my eyes lit upon a plump bag of frozen grapes (from our own arbor). They are organic and wonderful-- I thought we had consumed them ages ago (and we would have, had I known they were there!) So I made an absolutely heaven-sent smoothie.

And as I gazed out the window above the kitchen sink, what did I see but a burgeoning patch of purple kale
growing up thick and hearty! Last year I so missed our winter kale, and this winter, even though we had tons of snow that stayed longer than ever before in written history on the Island, there thrives great perennial, hardy clump of vegetation that is my favorite green in the world!

To top off the morning's blessings, someone sent me some excellent crockpot curry chickpea recipes-- I modified the recipes to use what ingredients I prefer/have handy, and I have an absolutely scrumptuous lunch ready to eat right now! You can check out the recipe here.

Thank you God for all the blessings-- and for restoring balance in my life!

"In addition to reading ten pages a day of a motivational or inspirational book...listen to a self-improvement CD for at least 15 minutes every day... If you spend that time listening to educational and self-improvement material, you'll have the equivalent of a Ph.D. on any subject you choose in just a few years. That's the Slight Edge." ~Jeff Olson, author of "The Slight Edge: Secret to a Successful Life"

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