Building The Strong Foundation

Do you ever get antsy because things are moving too slowly in your life? Maybe you don't realize that building a foundation for success does not happen overnight. It is often a poky process in which you are continuously working and learning. After everything is said and done, this foundation must remain strong, even in times of failure or crisis. It takes time! Remind yourself: "failing" is only failure if I quit; otherwise it's a learning opportunity. So don't sweat it if your life seems to be moving like a turtle in a toffee lagoon. Just keep your focus on building a strong and persistent root system-- as the bamboo plant does-- and watch for a brilliant eruption, a sustainable forest of success!

"In addition to reading ten pages a day of a motivational or inspirational book...listen to a self-improvement CD for at least 15 minutes every day... If you spend that time listening to educational and self-improvement material, you'll have the equivalent of a Ph.D. on any subject you choose in just a few years. That's the Slight Edge." ~Jeff Olson, author of "The Slight Edge: Secret to a Successful Life"

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